About Ope

Ope is the new thing within office interior that optimizes people’s environment in open-plan offices. Ope is modular and consists of modules that can be built and taken apart according to need – just like LEGO.

Ope™ is modular furniture designed for reuse and sustainability. Like with LEGO, you can build and rebuild variations from the same basic components — making redecorating cost and waste free.

Scandinavian design for sustainability, flexibility and individuality

Ope™ was designed by Lars Urheim and Eirik Høvik Helgesen and has an elegant Scandinavian design which lets in light from all sides and gives it a soft and modern look. Influenced by the modern Scandinavian lifestyle, Ope™ set out to create a timeless furniture system to meet demands for sustainability, flexibility and individuality. Ope™ challenges the idea that furniture must be a static object and is unique in the sense that the form and function is decided by the customer. The furniture system is comprised of only four component parts which forms modules that can be mounted with endless possibilities. Whether that is shelving to display exquisite items, simple practical storage solutions or room dividers, Ope™ is flexible enough to accommodate the customer’s vision. Over time Ope™ can be reused in other forms or functions as needs and space change over a lifetime.

The sustainable choice

Ope™ is developed the system with sustainability and circularity in mind and has a goal to become world leading in sustainable furniture. Ope is very excited as we now take a major step and look into the circularity potential of using marine waste in product design. With the right materials Ope will give a negative environmental impact even when growing. We want to practice what we preach and will also commit to collect more plastic from the ocean than we use in our own product. Also we have included reverse vending of components into our business concept.

Ope makes it easy to make the sustainable choice.