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Press release May 2018

Norwegian design firm offer circular interiors to US architects

Change from office landscape to cubicles – and back again, without creating vast amounts of waste and extra cost for your business!

Norwegian design firm Ope does not only offer dynamic furniture. At the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in NYC in May, they present for the first time a complete structural system for walls and podiums that integrates with their furniture. The same components can be used for anything from personal storage units to large space dividers in an office interior.

Architects love to see their creations as permanent designs that will stand the test of time for centuries. The truth is that our buildings and interiors are constantly changed by their inhabitants. This process normally costs more than you like and puts a strain on the environment through excessive use of recources.

Ope embraces this knowledge, and has created a modular system that allows the user to repeatedly re-configure their interior to fit ever changing needs. A releasable bracket connects the panels of the system, and allows for re-configuring over and over again. There is another side to this as well. As the cost occurs only once, while the opportunities for use and change are endless, Ope’s design saves both money and the environment.

The system is ideal for interiors that are expected to change at any point in time. Offices, museums, trade fairs, shops and restaurants are all examples of interiors that easily can benefit from the flexible system.

– With our modular and tool free system you can build and re-configure your interiors in infite. The patented connector technology is the key to this flexibility. Designer and CEO of Ope, Lars Urheim says.

– We challenge architects and designers to create buildings and spaces that allow for flexible use. Organizations and businesses grow and change constantly, and so should their surroundings, Urheim continues.

The Ope system is available through US distributor Ameico INC (bundled packets) and from Ope directly for custom projects.

Visit Ope at the ICFF fair in NYC May 20-22.

Contact information:

Lars Urheim / CEO

+47 970 94 854  /

Nina Ousdal / Sales manager

+47 400 99 899 /


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